Tanker & Hub Services

Tanker agency is a demanding business that requires planning & preparation. It also requires the ability to be flexible as and when required. At Ionian Shipping Agency L.L.C. , handling a wide range of tanker vessels from product tankers, cargos as diverse as crude oil, products, chemicals, LPG & LNG etc and all happen with ease. With a range of services that include vessel/cargo/crew handling, dry docking , repairs, supply of provisions, spares, bunkering , STS operations & husbanding, one can be rest assured with Ionian Shipping Agency L.L.C. , whatever the delivery, we will make it happen.

It is a one-stop shop offering a wide array of services that include operations & accounting services all managed through our main Hub Office located in Fujairah, United Arab Emirates.

To deliver to the highest standards our Hub offices are equipped with superior information technology, modern day communication tools and operate 24 hours a day. We provide real time information to every principal ensuring operational savings and quick turnaround of vessels. We strive to make the entire operation extremely simple and stress free for all our principals.

Looking for peace of mind, look no further… Ionian Shipping Agency L.L.C. is your ideal partner in the region.