A team of experienced professionals at 24/7 service to meet customer satisfaction at its best.

We offer extensive experience as a navigation agency, we provide professional and financial management services for all types of ships that dock sideways alongside berth and anchor outside coastal area in several ports of the UAE (United Arab Emirates).

Our value added services include:

  • Loading / Discharging attendance (Cargo Inspection)
  • Ship to Ship Transfer attendance
  • Providing mooring masters, fenders, hoses etc for STS operation.
  • Ship’s supply services (provision, fresh water, bonded stores, spares etc.)
  • Bunkers and Lubricants Supply
  • Repairs & Drydocks services
  • Garbage collection / disposal services
  • Slops / Sludge collection / disposal services
  • Diving Support (Underwater cleaning, repair, video survey, hydrographic research, search and recovery of lost Anchor & Chain etc.)
  • Crew Changes
  • Spares, customs clearance & delivery
  • Supply / Crew / Utility boats
  • Servicing / Certification of safety and electronic items
  • Magnetic compass calibration certification
  • Salvaging of distressed vessels
  • Antipollution and spill response services
  • Bunker surveys and all other kind of marine surveys
  • Crew manning
  • Crew changes and repatriation (at anchorage or alongside berth)
  • Arranging Medical Attendance
  • Land transportation (Car services)
  • Sea transportation (Motor boat services)
  • Delivery services (Cash to Master, spares, mail, stores, mail, stores etc.)
  • Advisory in legal matters